Dienstag, 27. März 2012

ABI 2012

this is a ode to the amazing 12 & 13 class at my school.
they are so inspiring, and kinda role models. i wish you could take a look at them.
especially the girls, how they dress, and the elegance they own, their self-confidence, without looking snobish or so. and the boys are funny, polite, and i wish they would not leave our school this year to study, because i really want to learn more from them. the classes that remain are not half that amazing.

the girl with the beautiful hair, that im still asking for how it can look that great. and i also adore your style. so simple, so wonderful. youre so tall, and have a perfect figure. your face is one of the beautiest ive ever seen. we often say you look like an elf. i know you will do well.

the hottest guy. i guess 90 % of our girls will crie so hardly for your leaving. ok, i dont guess, i know it. we will never have again a guy that hot at our school. everything about you is hot. and every girl at our school is really thankful that you never bought a belt for your sliding pants. thank you. i know you will do well.

the girl with the parisian chic. you are tiny, and so sweet. the way you play with your hair is kinda magically. you are so good in school, and you do a perfect completion. you are really talented in art, and all your works are so great. you have an amazing style. i know you will do well.

the funniest guy. you are one of the funniest persons ive ever seen, and i really love how you moderte all our school things. you have a really diplomatic and lovely kind to show your opinion, and everybody likes you. everybody, for sure. i know you will do well.

just to name a few. theyre all so special and amazing. this sound of course a little odd. but hey, im sure you all have that older guy or that girl you adore.

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